Sigma Make Me Crazy Brush Set Review

February 24, 2011 at 11:43 pm (Brushes, Review)

I had been looking high and low for a good quality brush set that was purple with no luck.  Imagine my pure excitement when I went on the Sigma site and saw they had four new sets of brushes and one was purple!  The brushes are part of their new collection called the “Make Me Up Collection”. Each kit comes with 12 of Sigma’s best-selling brushes as well as a holder that, when open, can be used as two brush holders. The colors available are Black – Make Me Classy, Purple – Make Me Crazy, Coral – Make Me Blush, and Aqua – Make Me Cool. Each one comes with a small angle (E65), medium angled shading (E70), large shader (E60), pencil (E30), large angled contour (F40), large powder (F30), duo fibre (F50), foundation (F60), concealer (F70), tapered blending (E40), eye shading (E55), and eyeliner (E05).

I’m new to high quality make up products and tools, so spending $100 made me a little nervous. I am so glad I did! The brushes are incredibly soft.  Each one has written on it its function. So even if you are new, you can just look at the handle and figure out what the brush should be used for. Along with the name of the brush they include a letter and number. I’m not sure what the numbers specify exactly, but the letters specify what part of the face they are used on. The E is for eyes, the F is for face. That is a big help for newer “makeupers” also. It’s almost like a cheat sheet on your brushes.

As far as the quality of the brushes, they are fantastic. Each brush is soft and sturdy. When you’re applying make up you don’t want your brushes to be harsh. I visited my friend after I received them and demonstrated on her the difference. I first let her feel the inexpensive brushes I purchased because I was just starting out. They were pretty soft. But once I let her feel these, she was amazed.  The difference was absolutely noticeable, and therefore worth every penny. You also don’t want hairs from the brushes coming out onto your face and ruining your hard work.  I haven’t experienced any of the bristles falling out, like I have with the inexpensive brushes I had been using.

The other cool thing about this product is the container it comes in. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is a hard container oval-shaped container that snaps closed on the sides. When you’re traveling, all you have to do is put your brushes in and snap it together. The case keeps all the brushes neatly stored and protected. But when you’re not traveling, the case has another function. You can put each end down and it becomes two brush holders. I use one side for the eye brushes and the other side for the face brushes. The container has plenty of room for you to add a few more items too. You can throw your favorite mascara and eyeliner in the container with plenty of room to spare. This comes in handy when you have to travel light.

If you’re serious about your make up, or if you just want to invest in a high quality and fun brush set, then make this purchase. You won’t be disappointed.  You can see all the colors here.  If you’re nervous about spending that much money, they have single brushes you can buy also. With every  purchase of $30 or more  you do get a free gift.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the set on here.  I’m still working on getting some items to better the blog. 🙂 But be sure to check it out on Sigma’s site!


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  1. Nutmeg Nanny said,

    I love this brush set! It was so cute and the case was really handy. I want a set now 🙂

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